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Book a Ionian Islands Ferry with Any Book a Ionian Islands Ferry to Corfu, Paxi, Kythira or Antikythira with either Ventouris Ferries, Anen Lines or SNAV at lets you book a Ionian Islands Ferry quickly, securely and at the lowest price. For an overview of all our connections to the Ionian Islands take a look at

You can also book a Ionian Islands Ferry online with the NEW service from Agoudimos Lines to a variety of ports throughout Greece and Italy, including the fantastic Cyclades islands. For the latest timetables, special offers and a list of the current routes please visit the Agoudimos Lines information page.

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Explore the Ionian Islands. The Ionian Islands are a group of seven largely mountainous islands (Corfu, Paxi, Lefkada, Kefallonia, Ithaki, Zakynthos and Kythira) and a number of islets scattered over the Ionian Sea to the west of Greece, stretching south from the Albanian coast to the southern tip of the Peloponnese, and often called Heptanesos ("Seven Islands"). The Ionian Islands have a total area of about 1095 sq. miles and a population of around 261.000 of which most people live on Corfu, around 114.000 (including Paxi). The Ionian Islands are the second most popular of all the Greek Islands and attract thousands visitors every year. The Ionian Islands enjoy a stable, predictable maritime climate with fairly cool summers. The sea is warm enough to swim in throughout the whole season. The Ionian islands are filled other attractions. On Corfu, the wooded Isle of the Phaenicians and Odysseus' last stop on his long journey home to Ithaca, is probably best known of the all Ionian Islands. Here you will find ruins of an old fort and Kassiopi, a tiny village which dates back to Roman times. You can visit the beautiful white Kefallonian beach of Myrtos or the Melisani cave on the same island. Paxi is the smallest of the seven main islands and its size is an attration on its own (10km in length and 4km wide). Kyhitra has marvellous beaches and beautiful pictoresque inland villages. Visit the Ionian Islands with its many attractions and get an inside perspective to Greek life.

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