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You can book a variety of ferry operators and routes throughout Greece online including the following operators:

Anek Lines, Anen Lines, Minoan Lines, Superfast Ferries, HML Ferries,Ventouris Ferries or SNAV Lines.

The NEW service from Agoudimos Lines has sailings to a variety of ports throughout Greece and Italy, including the fantastic Cyclades islands and Ionian Islands.For the latest timetables, special offers and a list of the current routes please visit the Agoudimos Lines information page.

You can also book the NEW service from GA Ferries, which has frequent sailings between mainland Greece, the Cyclades islands and Crete. For the latest timetable, special offers and routes please visit the GA Ferries information page.

For an overview of all our connections to and from Greece and the Greek Islands take a look at

About Ferry to Greece

A Ferry to Greece to Greece or to Greece's many beautiful islands is easy to book on Any and whether you arrive on the mainland or one of the islands there is a lot to see and do. On the mainland Athens is one of Greece's main attractions with the Parthenon and the Theater of Dionysus, where works of Euripides were first performed. The ancient Odeon of Herod Atticus is the showplace each summer of the Athens Festival. Take a Ferry to Greece's port of Patras and get easy access to the Peloponnesian peninsula where you find Olympia, the origin of the Olympic Games, first held there in 776 B.C. In 2004, the Games return, this time to Athens.

Further north you will find Greece's second largest city Thessaloniki with the White Tower, the green-domed Aghia Sophia church (8th century) and an exceptional new Byzantine museum. The Archaeological Museum displays riches of Macedonian kings drawn from excavations at nearby Pella, Vergina and the sacred city of Dion.

With Any you can find your ferry crossings for Greek Island Hopping. Starting in either Italy or the Greek mainland ports you can book a Ferry to Greece's many islands like Corfu, Crete, Rhodes, Santorini and many more and experience sandy beaches, fishing villages, dunes, craggy coasts, onshore wetlands etc. Crete was home to Europe's 3000 B.C. Minoan civilization, whose traces are displayed at the Palace of Knossos and Santorini is a dramatic experience with volcanic-ash beaches and a star-shaped crater. With a Ferry to Greece you can explore the historical sites, the wonderful nature, the beautiful beaches and the wonderful warm climate. Visit Any to start planning your holiday to Greece.

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