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Welcome to the Any Anen Lines page, where you can book an Anen Lines ferry online in real time. On 10/23/1998 the constitution of the new navigation company with the name "ANONYMOUS NAVIGATION COMPANY OF SOUTH" (ANEN LINES) was signed. The purpose of the ferry operator is the acquisition and time-tabling of fery services for the ferry route Kissamos - Kythira - Gytheion - Kalamata, with extension of the time-table for Piraeus.

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A city built on the foot of Taygetos and near the water of Messinia bay, lives the intense rhythms of today's reality. The possibilities that present to the visitor, beyond the fervor hospitality of the residents are many and varied. Great contemporary hotel units, completely equipped provide excellent services making the stay of visitors comfortable and pleasant. Also Kalamata offers a variety of alternative solutions for recreation and entertainment in the town or to the settlements around her. Anybody can enjoy his swimming at wild or well - organized beaches that are around Messinian bay. The delicious local cuisine is something that the visitor should taste before leaving Kalamata.

Visit Gytheion with Anen Lines

Gytheion is the bigger town in Mani with wonderful neoclassic buildings. At the north of the town are the remains from ancient castles and Roman buildings. The city hall has in a small Byzantine collection. Across from Gytheion there is the Marathonisi which today is joined with the land. The traditions says that here spent the night Paris and the beautiful Helen. At the center of the island is the Janetaki's tower (it works as a historical and folklore museum).

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Kithira. The famous island of Aphrodite, the traditional settlements of the island, the castles, the churches and its monasteries, the clear seas with the extended and remote seashores and the combination of the Enetic and the Cycladic architecture, compose a seascape for unforgotten vacations among hospitable persons. For your stay after the beautiful trip ANEN LINES will offer you, you can visit either the traditional guest rooms at Kithira or the wonderful hotels.

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The district of Kissamos is located on the Northwest coast of Crete. It is the entry point for Peloponnese and Italy (through the Adriatic Sea). Kissamos (formerly Kasteli) is the capital of the district. The town is built like an amphitheatre rising up on the Western side of the Gulf of Kissamos and on the ruins of the Ancient City with the unique mosaics of the 2nd - 4th century. Today the town is a popular tourist resort with many hotels, apartments, rooms, cafeterias, taverns that satisfy its visitors' needs and demands. It's also an excellent place for a visitor to start his exploration of the incomparable paths of the district. The district of Kissamos is one of the few remaining "untouched" regions of Crete with beautiful endless sandy beaches crystal-clear water and unique places, which make your stay at the area, seem like a dream. You can enjoy your day swimming either surrounded by the unique natural beauty of the Balos lagoon or in Falasarna which has been declared the most beautiful beach in Greece for the past several years or in Elafonissos with its magically colored beaches.

Visit Antikythera with Anen Lines

Despite its small area (22 sq. km.), Antikythera has an important wealth of archaeological discoveries and scenery to demonstrate. An entire fortified city, Aegila, is still preserved on the island and is dated back to the 4th century B.C. The island became known worldwide during 1900, when an ancient shipwreck, dated back to 80 B.C., was discovered in the ocean area off Antikythera and from which was recovered the eminent cupreous statue of Youth (Ephivos) of Antikythera and the Antikythera Mechanism or "Astrolavos " (the first known computer in worldwide history). It is worthwhile for people to visit the graphical chapels of the island, the relics of windmills, and the traditional Watermill at Potamos. At the south most edge of the island is located the Apolitara Lighthouse, a building of exceptional architecture, built in 1926. Kamarela is a unique cluster of rocks and sea, where you can enjoy swimming. Xiropotamos and Halara are beaches also excellent for swimming.

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