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Book a Kythira Ferry with Any Catch a Kythira Ferry to or from the port of Antikythira, Gytheion, Kalamata, Kissamos or Piraeus. Kythira Ferry uses Menoan Lines as ferry operator. Book a Kythira Ferry securely and in real time at Any You can also get a quote for a Kythira Ferry online, quickly and easily at Any .

About Kythira Ferry

Kythira is a Greek island in the Peloponesian sea. The island is around 285 square km and is also known under the Italian name of Cerigo.

Because of the poor economy on the island many of the original inhabitants have emigrated, a lot of them to Australia. Today only around 3400 people remain.

In the Greek mythology Kythira is the island of Aphrodite. On this island she was supposedly born of the seawater and then emersed from the sea to walk on the island.

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