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Book a Marseille Ferry ticket for your ferry crossing from the port of Marseille to the ferry port of Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi, Ile Rouse in Corsica Island, or to Porto Torres, Porto Vecchio and Propriano in Sardinia, or Tunis port in Tunisia with the ferry operator SNCM Ferries. Book your ferry tickets from the port of Marseille ferry sailing online.
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About Marseille Ferry

Marseille is France's second-most populated and prominent city after Paris, of course, and it has a long and interesting history just like the country's capital. There are something like 1.25 million people living in Marseille, a number made up by many diverse cultures from all around the Mediterranean, West Africa and Indochina. Marseille is unlike the rest of Provence in that it has not been prettified for the tourist industry and life continues there all year, not just from May to October. It is France's most significant seaport and has a longstanding trade history that dates back to 600 BC. Greek mariners from Asia Minor founded the port of Massilia at what is now the Vieux Port, then in the 1st century BC the town supported Pompey rather than Caesar, who captured the town and confiscated its fleet in 49 BC, removing Massilia's ability to trade.

There are many port cities on the Mediterranean Sea, each with its own special character. Among them, the southern French port of Marseille is truly one of a kind. With its old port, array of fortresses, nearby islands, impressive churches and marinas, and museums, Marseille is a memorable and engaging place to visit.

Marseille has several ports lined along the coastline, mostly built to handle modern high-volume shipping. However, when one thinks of the port in Marseille, one is clearly referring to the Old Port, Le Vieux Porte.

Marseille Ferry Port Terminal Facilities:
The new passenger ferry terminal has been developed to include all the services required by passengers with cars and has easy access: The international Marseille - Provence Airport is 20 km away via a direct motorway and the high-speed TGV train goes from Marseille to Paris and the C�te d'Azur.

Ferry Routes from Marseille to Sardinia island, Corsica island and Tunisia
- Marseille to Ajaccio, operated by SNCM Ferries
- Marseille to Bastia, operated by SNCM Ferries
- Marseille to Calvi, operated by SNCM Ferries
- Marseille to Ile Rousse, operated by SNCM Ferries
- Marseille to Porto Torres, operated by SNCM Ferries
- Marseille to Porto Vecchio, operated by SNCM Ferries
- Marseille to Propriano, operated by SNCM Ferries
- Marseille to Tunis, operated by SNCM Ferries

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