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Tunisia, well known for its beaches visited by millions of sun-loving tourists every year, but it has much more to offer. A hospitable country with lots of colors and contrast, natural beauty, ancient ruins and lively festivals. Tunisia, one of the smallest countries in Africa, is situated in the Northern Africa between neighbours Algeria and Libya and bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It covers an area of 155,360 km�. The country has almost 10.000.000 millions inhabitants of which a large part lives in the capital Tunis. Arabic is the official language, but French is widely used in commerce. The official currency is the Tunisian dinar. The modern Tunisians are descendents of the Berbers and of the numerous of other civilizations that have invaded, migrated over the millenia to this country. Carthage, founded by the Phoenicians and nearby the actual capital Tunis, was one of the most powerful civilizations of the Antiquity. After that the Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Turks, Spanish and French followed, all leaving their marks. Tunisia became independent from France in 1956. Today a very popular holiday destination with its 1148 km long coastline, its ideal climate with lots of sunshine which can reach an average of 7.8 hours a day. Tunisia has a temperate climate in the north with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers and in the south arid desert conditions. The country has a rich cultural heritage stemming from the many empires that have invaded this region and which have been turned into major tourist attractions the last decade. An important historical place to visit are the Roman ruins of Carthage, besides hundreds of other archeological sites. Other worthwhile places to visit are Jebel Ichkeul National Park, an important bird sanctuary, and Kairoua, the most sacred city in Tunisia.

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