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Book an Ile Rousse ferry for a ferry crossing from the ports of Marseille, Nice and Toulon. Book an Ile Rousse ferry with SNCM, or book an Ile Rousse ferry with Corsica ferries. Book an Ile Rousse ferry quickly and securely online at You can also get an Ile Rousse quote easily at

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The port of Ile Rousse was founded in 1759 by Pasquale Paoli. Ile Rousse has proved to be a popular destination for English tourists. Ile Rousse is also a perfect destination for family holidays. During the day Ile Rousse has many white sand beaches to offer, and in the evening Ile Rousse has plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from. Ile Rousse also has a bustling market place. If you wish to experience the Corsican charm Ile Rousse will not disappoint. The port of Ile Rousse is easily accessible by train and by car, and there is plenty of hotels to choose from in Ile Rousse if accomodation is needed.

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