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Acciona Trasmediterranea is the leading ship owner for both freight and passenger services linking the Spanish Peninsula with the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and the Spanish north African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. Their market continues to expand with international traffic to Tanger in Morocco and Ghazaouet and Oran in Algeria en France.

Book a Acciona Trasmediterranea (Transmed) with Any between Cadiz in the south of Spain and the Canary Islands (Las Palmas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Arrecife), between Algeciras, Malaga, Almeria, and Tanger, Ceuta, Nador and Melilla in North Africa. Acciona Trasmediterranea (Transmed) also run ferry crossings from Valencia and Barcelona to the Balearics Island ferry ports of Ibiza, Palma, Mahon and Civitavecchia in Italy. From the ferry port of Alicante you can travel to the Balearic Islands Ibiza, Palma and to Oran in Algeria.

All ferries are equipped to provide maximum comfort so that passenger can enjoy the ferry crossing. Onboard you will find fully furnished cabins, swimming pools, bars, restaurants, cinemas and TV rooms, discos and all you need to relax and have fun.

About Acciona Trasmediterranea (Transmed)

Acciona Trasmediterranea was founded in 1917 in Barcelona with a fleet of 45 ships by Juan Jose Domine, Vicente Ferrer, Joaquin Tintore and Enrique Garcia. Trasmediterranea had its head office in Barcelona. In 1978 Acciona Trasmediterranea became a state owned company and the complete fleet was renovated and passenger terminals and services improved.

In 1980 an important event took place. The High Speed ferries were launched with the incorparation of the Jet Foil Princesa Voladora in the Canary Islands. This meant a crossing time between the two Canary Island capitals of Las Palmas and Santa Cruz with the Jet Foil of only 80 minutes. As this ferry had a huge effect on Canary Island society, raising its quality, Trasmediterr�nea decided to buy two more Jetfoil ships in the following two years, Princesa Guayarmina and Princesa Guacimara

Since 1990, the fleet has again been renewed with modern multi-purpose, ro-pax and ro-ro ferries, whilst vehicle-carrying fast catamarans and monohull ferries have been used since 1995.

Nowadays Acciona Trasmediterr�nea has one of the most modern and best equipped fleets of all of Europe, with the latest technological advances in terms of safety and quality regarding on board services. The fleet consists of 25 ferries.

As well as being very fast, the Acciona Trasmediterr�nea Ferries are equipped to offer the height of comfort, designed so that the passenger finds the journey a great part of his/her holiday. Onboard there are swimming pools, cabins, bars, restaurants, cinemas, a disco, air conditioning and a spacious garage so you can take your own car.

All ships (except the Jet Foil high speed ship) have on board shopping where you may choose from a wide assortment of articles, gifts and press.

On the routes between Cadiz and the Canary Islands, Algeciras and Ceuta and Almer�a/Malaga and Melilla, and also on the international routes to Tangiers and Nador, the shops offer duty Free goods.

Acciona Trasmediterranea (Transmed)

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