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Book a Tanger Ferry ticket from the port of Tanger in Morocco to the port of Gibraltar, Tarifa or Algeciras with the ferry operator FRS - Ferrys Rapidos del Sur.

You can now book a Tanger Ferry from the port of Tanger to the ports of Genoa in Italy and Barcelona in Spain with Grandi Navi Veloci.

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About Tanger Ferry

For the first half of the twentieth century TANGIER was one of the stylish resorts of the Mediterranean - an international city with its own laws and administration, plus an eclectic community of exiles, expatriates and refugees.

Disembarking by ferry at Tangier can be a bit of a slow process, with queues for passport control and customs. Make sure that you have your passport stamped (and departure card collected) while on board the ferry. Once ashore, and through customs, ferry arrivals pass into the Tanger ferry terminal building . There's a bureau de change here and outside the building is a branch of the Banque Populaire; both sell dirhams at regular rates and accept most currencies and traveller's cheques. For credit card exchange or a cash dispenser you need a bank in the city.

From Tanger port, it's possible to walk into the town centre, or get a small taxi. Trains now arrive and depart from Tanger Morora (on the outskirts of town, 4km from the port), from where petits taxis will take you into town. Bus services from most towns generally arrive at Tangier Gare Routiere (Bus Station), south of the Ville Nouvelle. CTM has buses from Rabat, Casablanca, Fes, Marrakesh and the other major cities some of which continue on from the gare routiere to the Port Entrance.

Tangier ferry port is ranked second only to Casablanca. There are plans to build another, goods-only port, Tanger Atlantique, on the Atlantic coast financed by the private sector and leaving Tangier port a passenger only ferry port.

Ferry Routes from Tanger ferry port in Morocco to Spain
Tanger to Gibraltar, operated by FRS - Ferrys Rapidos Del Sur.
Tanger to Tarifa, operated by FRS - Ferrys Rapidos Del Sur.
Tanger to Algeciras, operated by FRS - Ferrys Rapidos Del Sur.

FRS - Ferrys Rapidos Del Sur ferry operator runs frequent ferry crossings from Tanger to Tarifa, Gibraltar and Algeciras all year round but with more sailings during summer season.

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