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The island of Minorca is the second largest of the Balearic Islands in terms of surface area, after Ibiza, and the third in population. It has an area of 702 square kilometres and 216 kilometres of coast. The maximum distance between two points is 47 kilometres, between Ciutadella and Mahon. Geologically, the island is divided in two symmetric halves with very different features. The north, with a rough and unequal coast, scarce vegetation and many hills, has numerous small islands and beaches with reddish or dark coloured sand. The south, made up of calcareous rocks, is flat, with light cliffs, gullies sculpted by the water and white sand bays surrounded by pines.

The highest point on the island is El Toro, at 357 metres. Minorca has a population of 67.000 inhabitants concentrated in eight municipalities: Mahon -administrative capital-, Ciutadella -former capital-, Alaior, Es Mercadal, Ferreries, Es Migjorn Gran, Sant Llu�s and Es Castell. The first two are the most populous, with more than 20.000 inhabitants each. There are three more villages, two in Mahon -Sant Climent and Llucma�anes- and one in Es Mercadal -Fornells-.

Minorca was declared Biosphere Reserve in October 1993, by UNESCO. The core of the reserve is 'S'Albufera des Grau', a natural reserve very rich in Mediterranean fauna and flora species. This is the protected area par excellence, but the island also enjoys other catalogued areas, such as ANEI, a natural area of specific interest. The rest of the island is made up of areas focussed on the socio-economic support the reserve, such as the villages.

The tourism of Minorca is made up mainly of families, with the result that the peak season is more peaceful than in other destinations of the Balearic Islands. Entrepreneurs and official bodies are implementing a lot of methods to ensure they have quality tourism. However, apart from tourism, Minorca has an important agricultural sector, cheese (formatjo) manufacturers with the mark of origin 'Mao-Menorca', and a shoe and costume jewellery industry, which complement the economic tissue of the island.

Minorca is spattered with various pieces of evidence from the passing of different cultures: from prehistoric sites to English architecture, fruit of the British colonisation two centuries ago.

The island prides itself on having a large range of rich cultural activities during the whole year, but the best known are the Week of the Opera and the Summer Classical Music festivals.

The festivities of Minorca have as their main protagonists the horses and horsemen that represent, as set by the ancient tradition, the different classes of society. The festivities of Sant Joan in Ciutadella deserve a special attention - in fact, they are known throughout the world.

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