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The island of Formentera is the smallest and most southern of the Balearic Islands. It has a size of 84 square kilometres and a population of around 5,000. Its main charm is the natural environment and, most importantly, its beaches with white sand and transparent waters. Formentera is an almost entirely flat island except for two promontories, one on each end: Cap de Barbaria with the mountain Puig Guillem (109 metres) and Mola with its Talaiassa (192 metres), the highest point of the island. On the northern part of the island there are two salt-water ponds: s'Estany Pudent and s'Estany des Peix.

Formentera, the smallest of the Pitiuses islands, has only one municipality. Due to its characteristics it has been impossible to build an airport, and hence, the only communication with Formentera is by sea. From the larger Pitiusa island - Ibiza - the communication with the port la Savina is very good, with fast vessels and cargo vessels running this route frequently. The two islands are separated by 12 miles, with a few small islands distributed throughout the pas de es Freus. Due to its small dimensions, the main road is only 19 kilometres long, making Formentera a perfect place to enjoy cyclotourism or hiking.

It has only been three centuries since Formentera was permanantly populated, even though the first human presence goes back to the bronze age. The funeral remains of ca na Costa, discovered in 1974, date from 1,600 b. C. and are open to the public They are properly signposted at the exit of the tourist area of es Pujols towards la Savina. Formentera also has several Phoenician and Roman remains, although not as many as Ibiza.

The 25th of August is the day of the patron saint of Formentera, Sant Jaume, when the island is full of local festivities and peasant dances.

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