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Book a Ferry to Finland from either Germany, Sweden or the Baltic countries to visit this interesting country nestled between Sweden and Norway to the West and Russia to the East. Finland has all the attributes of a hot vacation spot. A country which stretches high into the Arctic Circle yet tiptoes through thousands of sun-kissed islands in the Baltic Sea. Visit Any for a Ferry to Finland's capital of Helsinki will take you to a very vibrant city whose stunning architecture, picturesque harbour, cosmopolitan cafes, and world-class museums earned it a coveted place on the European Union's list of European Cities of Culture 2000. Streets and avenues curve around bays, bridges arch across to nearby islands, and ferries reach out to islands farther offshore. Over 400 parks, as well as numerous waterside walkways, weave past a stunning combination of architectural styles, the result of a neo-classical building scheme in the early 1800s and the effort of modernist Finnish designers, such as Alvar Aalto.

With Ferry to Finland you can also sail directly the 770 year old former capital of Turku which is the Western end point of the culturally and historically rich King's Road which stretches all the way from Helsinki to Turku in the west and east to the spectacular Lake District. Finland's "King's Road" dates back to the 13th century and was the main thoroughfare between the courts of the Swedish Kings and the Russian Czars, running between the capital cities of Scandinavia and Russia.

Warmed by the Gulf Stream, this Scandinavian country enjoys a climate with four very distinct seasons. In the summertime, the lush countryside basks in the warm, nurturing rays of the sun that shines for 15 hours a day! In the northern regions, the sun remains high in the sky for two months, shining 24 hours a day. Between the months of October and April, Finland becomes a vibrant and glowing festival of lights. Fondly referred to as the "Lively Season," visitors have a wealth of cultural and historical attractions from which to choose. With Any you can start planning what to choose from the rich variety of attractions. From the spectacular archipelago in the south to exotic Lapland in the north, you will find a vibrant, friendly country of sophistication, fascinating history and unspoiled natural beauty-where English is widely spoken.

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