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Belgium may be a little country, but has a lot to offer to any traveller. Belgium is a country in North-Western Europe bordered by the North Sea, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Although Belgium has a population of over ten million people in an area of 30.278 sq kilometres, which makes it the seventeenth most densely populated country in the world, it is wonder of open spaces (forests, farmland and parks), due to the fact that great majority of the population lives in the 10 biggest cities. Belgium is both multicultural and multilingual. Dutch (unofficially called Flemish), spoken in Flanders to the North and French, spoken in Wallonia in the South, are the official languages of Belgium. There is also a small German speaking community to the East of the country (officially recognised). The capital of Belgium is Brussels, one of the world's great cosmopolitan cities. Brussels is home to the European Union headquarters and Nato. Brussels is also the capital of international trade and finance companies. Besides the city of Brussels with its magnificent central square, the Grand Place with its historic baroque buildings, restaurants and amazing atmosphere, there are many other places of interest, like Bruges, a favourite with visitors, is one of the most perfectly preserved medieval cities in Europe with its rich architectural heritage, beautiful canals and cobbled streets. Ghent, now the third largest city in Belgium, was in the medieval era the centre of the European cloth industry. Ghent has more historic buildings than any other Flemish city. Visiting Ghent is like a walk through the history of Europe. Antwerp, the second largest city in Belgium and famous as the world centre for diamond processing. Cuturally Antwerp also has a lot ot offer, a magnificent Cathedral, a maze of medieval streets, for an amazing holiday. All the above mentioned cities are to be found in the north of Belgium, in Flanders. To the south you will find Wallonia, with the rugged mountains of the Ardennes, countless castles and the cities of Lieges, Namur and Tournai. What could be better, after exploring all day long this beautiful country, than spent the evening experiencing Belgium's excellent cuisine, mussels, Brussels sprout, waterzooi chicken. Wash it all down with a refreshing Belgian beer. In Belgium more than 450 different varieties of beer can be found, many with personalized beerglasses. Try for desert the world famous Belgian chocolate. Visit Belgium and meet the friendly and welcoming people with their energetic and carefree lifestyle who enjoy life to the fullest.

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