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The Aland island group lies between Sweden and Finland in the northern Baltic Sea. The Aland archipelago consists of some 6500 islands and skerries with a total land area of 1481 sq km. Only 65 islands are inhabited by the current population of 26,200 people. The largest island is the main island of Aland, 50 km long, 45 km wide and inhabited by 90% of the population. Although Aland is a province of Finland, it has a right of self-government and own flag. The only official language in Aland is Swedish. The Aland islands are divided in 16 munincipalities. Its largest municipality is Mariehamm, its only town. Mariehamm was founded in 1861, while Aland and Finland were part of the Russian empire. Maria, consort of Tsar Alexander II of Russia gave the town her name. Today it is the centre of political and economic activity in Aland. Mariehamm has wooden houses, gardens and greenery. Attractions are the preserved museum ship Pommern, the Aland Maritime museum and the Maritime Quarter in the Eastern Harbour. Aland has an ancient history which stretches back to 4200 BC when the first inhabitants arrived. From the 4th century on Swedish Vikings settled on the islands. Until the 1808 Aland belonged to Sweden, when Russia acquired the islands. After the outbreak of the Russian Revolution the Alanders were worried about their future. They asked for a reunion with motherland Sweden, but in 1921 the situation was settled by the League of Nations. The latter decided that Finland should retain the sovereignty over the province, but the Aland Islands should be made an autonomous territory. The Aland islands have a mild climate with an average temperature in July of +16 degrees Celsius and in February of - 4 degrees Celsius. The mild climate has endowed Aland with a rich vegetation and diverse flora and the beautiful nature of the islands is certainly one of the most important reasons for visiting the islands. The islands are dotted with medieval churches and small fishing villages. They are the perfect location for a stress-free and quiet getaway, for bicycle tours and camping.

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