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The new High Speed 1 Eurostar link is now complete, which means Eurostar has moved from its existing hub at London Waterloo to a brand new terminus at St Pancras Station in London.

The existing London Waterloo service has now terminated.

You can book Cheap Eurostar Tickets, quickly and easily online, with daily services running from St Pancras Station, Ashford station and the new high speed Ebbsfleet International station, across to the continent using the new high speed Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CtrL).

Book Cheap Eurostar Tickets to Paris, Brussels, Lille, Disneyland Paris , Calais, Avignon or the French Alps including Bourg St Maurice and Moutiers using the Eurostar Ski Train.

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Eurostar History
Since the start of operations in 1994, Eurostar has transformed the way we travel between the UK and France.

Punctuality & Reliability
For the first three months of operations, 87% of Eurostar services arrived on time or within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time.

Faster Journey Times
The Eurostar has reduced journey times across the channel to the France and Belgium significantly with the opening of the first section of the new fast line, the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CtrL), on 28th September 2003.

The fastest journey between London Waterloo and Paris had been reduced to 2 hours 35 minutes and that between London Waterloo and Brussels to 2 hours 20 minutes. The first section of the high-speed line enabled Eurostar to operate at 186 mph/300 km/h in the UK for the first time with the fastest journey time between London Waterloo and Lille at just 1 hour and 40 minutes.

However on 30th July 2003, Eurostar broke the UK rail speed record with a test train reaching 208.0 miles per hour or 334.7 km per hour on the new CtrL.

The Modern Eurostar
The second phase of the CtrL (Channel Tunnel Rail Link) is now complete and has been renamed
'HIGH SPEED 1'. Thanks to High Speed 1, average journeys will be at least 20 minutes faster than the previous channel tunnel service:
 St Pancras International to Paris in just 2h 15 minutes
 St Pancras International to Brussels in just 1h 51 minutes
 St Pancras International to Lille in just 1h 20 minutes

On 4th September 2007, a special record-breaking train left Paris Gare du Nord at 10:44 (9:44 BST) and reached London St Pancras station in 2 hours 3 minutes 39 seconds and on the 20th September 2007, Eurostar broke another record, as it officially shortened the travel time from Brussels to London (1 hour, 43 minutes). The train left Brussels Midi Station at 10:05, and reached St Pancras International Terminus at 11:48 (at 186 mph or 299 km/h) between the Kent coast and the capital.

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