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About Avignon Eurostar

Avignon is a city with a great heritage, which also possesses a tremendous cultural vitality. Famous for its theatre festival, Avignon, is a real centre of creativity all year round with its permanent theatres, its cinemas, cultural associations ( musical clubs, dance clubs.). This festival that was founded by Jean Vilar in 1947, takes place between July 10th and August 2nd and its programme is done around the theatre, the dance and the music actuality. It greets an audience of 120 000 people. An advance programme is available every year from March 15th, whereas the programme is broadcast from May 10th.

Getting to Avignon by Train.
Services go from London Waterloo and Asford to the railway station in Avignon, which is located outside of the town walls.

Getting Around by Bus
There is a bus service that operates within Avignon and allows people to travel around the town more easily.

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