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Book a Cork Ferry ticket for your ferry crossing from the port of Roscoff In France to Cork ferry port in Ireland with the ferry operator Brittany Ferries. Book a ferry from the port of Cork to the port of Roscoff online.
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About Cork Ferry

Cork City is a historic place, very modern and dynamic, with all the amenities of the big city in terms of shopping, dinning and entertainment, a very important sea port, offering shortest and fastest ferry route to the continent from Ireland. The total annual contribution of all activities at the Port Of Cork to the Irish Economy is great, amounting, in 2002, to ?230 million and 2604 full time equivalent jobs. Cork's ferry port is blessed with a great natural deepwater harbour and advantageous geographical location on the south coast. Thanks to a sustained period of traffic growth and investment in modern facilities extending over the past 35 years, Cork is today acknowledged as one of Europe's most progressive and successful ferry ports. The Port of Cork is enjoying high traffic with and average of 36 cruise ships scheduled.

Cork ferry port is the gateway to Kerry, Limerick, Clare and Southern Ireland. Cork is the third largest town in Ireland, after Dublin and Belfast. Cork has been able to re-create the charm of the past, all be it a very modern and dynamic town, with popular suburbs. Cork ferry port also offers the shortest, fastest ferry route from the continent to Ireland.

On the southern coast of Ireland, the Port of Cork is connected to Swansea in Britain, with regular scheduled sailings all year round. Ferry routes from France are operated on a seasonal basis. Cork city centre is a short distance away, where you can get bus and rail connections to the rest of Ireland. Ferries operate to Swansea in South Wales and to Roscoff in France. The Roscoff ferry crossing is usually an overnight service. Service is provided for foot passengers, car, bicycle, minibus, motor home, and van transport. Caravans, boats, trailers, and motorcycles can also be transported by ferry, while facilities on board include restaurants, bars and duty free shopping.

Cork Ferry Port Terminal Facilities:
The ferry terminal has limited facilities, there is B&B accommodation available locally, while the post office has a bureau de change and tourist information centre. Basic services are available for the disabled, with access to port areas facilitated by wide doorways and ramps where appropriate. Further assistance may also be provided by the ferry operators and port staff, upon prior request.

Getting to Cork ferry port By Car:
From Cork City access the N25 South Link road. Then take the N28 road to Ringaskiddy following the signs showing the Ferry Symbol.

Alternative Ferry Routes from Ireland to the UK
- Dun Laoghaire ferry to Holyhead, operated by Stena Line ferries
- Rosslare Cherbourg, operated by P&O Irish Sea Ferries
- Rosslare Fishguard, operated by stena Line
- Rosslare Pembroke, operated by Irish Ferries
- Dublin Douglas, operated by SeaCat ferries
- Dublin Holyhead, operated by Stena Line ferries
- Dublin Holyhead, operated by Irish Ferries
- Dublin Liverpool, operated by P&O Irish Sea Ferries
- Dublin Liverpool, operated by SeaCat ferries
- Dublin Mostyn, operated by P&O Irish Sea Ferries
- Belfast Douglas, operated by SeaCat Ferries
- Belfast Stranraer, operated by Stena Line feries
- Belfast Troon, operated by SeaCat Ferries
- Larne Cairnryan, operated by P&O Irish Sea Ferries
- Larne Fleetwood, operated by P&O Irish Sea Ferries
- Larne Troon, operated by by P&O Irish Sea Ferries

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