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Scandlines Ferries is the largest and most efficient ferry operator in Europe. Annually more than 20 million passengers are traveling on one of 12 routes between Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the Baltic States operated by the Danish-German ferry operator Scandlines. Scandlines Ferries boast the most extensive network of ferry routes in the Baltic Sea.

The Puttgarden (Island of Fehmarn) - Rodby Faerge (Denmark) ferry route, known as the "Vogelfluglinie", is probably the best known Scandlines crossing. More than 6 million passenger travelled last year on one of the four modern double-ended Scandlines ferries. The journey only last 45 minutes. Other popular Scandlines ferry routes include crossings from the ferry port of Rostock in Germany to Trelleborg in Sweden (3 times daily), from Rostock to Gedser in Denmark (9 times daily) and from Sassnitz (Island of R�gen) to Trelleborg (Sweden) (5 times a day).

Book a variety of Scandlines Ferries to Germany, Denmark or Sweden. Book Scandlines Ferries to the ferry ports of Bojden, Fynshav, Gedser, Rostock, Helsingborg, Puttgarden, Rodby Faerge(DK), Spodsbjerg, Trelleborg and Sassnitz. Any lets you book Scandlines Ferries quickly, securely and at the lowest price.

About Scandlines Ferries

Scandlines Ferries is the largest ferry company in the southern part of the Baltic. Scandlines Ferries operates 12 passenger and freight ferry lines between Denmark and Germany, Denmark and Sweden, Sweden and Germany, to the Baltic Countries and inside Denmark.

The shipping company is based in Rostock and is is the parent concern comprising the affiliated companies Scandlines Deutschland GmbH and Scandlines Danmark A/S.

Scandlines Ferries offers on board of their modern ferries a wide range of restaurants, caterings and tax-free services, which ensures their customers a complete service.

The Scandlines logo stands for the most important Scandlines markets. The different colours of the triangle indicate the countries linking together the Scandlines ferry route network in the southern Baltic. Yellow stands for Germany, red for Denmark and blue for Sweden.

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