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P&O Irish Ferries run 2 Irish Sea ferry services between Scotland and Ireland: Troon to Larne and Cairnryan to Larne. It is the shortest and fastest way to travel from Scotland to Ireland. The Larne - Cairnryan ferry service only takes one hour with the Super Star Express fast ferry and 105 minutes with the luxurious superferries European Causeway and European Highlander. The Larne - Troon ferry service is a seasonal service between April and September. The superfast ferry Superstar Express takes about 90 minutes to complete the journey.

P&O Irish Ferries also operates a ferry crossing from the ferry port of Liverpool in the heart of England to Dublin, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Ireland. The crossing time between Liverpool and Dublin is 8 hours. P&O Irish Ferries offers both a day and an overnight crossing on this route with the conventional ferries Norbank and Norbay.

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About P&O Irish Ferries

P&O Irish Sea was founded in 1998 following the merger of the Cairnryan based services of P&O European Ferries (Felixstowe Ltd.) and Pandoro Ltd, who operated routes between England, Scotland and France to Ireland.

P&O Irish Ferries have a record breaking hi-speed fast craft and excellent superferries which will ensure that you travel fast class in style and comfort with traditional P&O warmth and hospitality.

Today, the P&O Group operates three ferry routes on the Irish Sea with a fleet of five vessels and one fast ferry.

Routes P&O Irish Ferries:
Cairnryan - Larne
Troon - Larne
Liverpool - Dublin

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