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Book a Norfolkline Ferry with Any The Norfolkline Ferry service runs a frequent and reliable cross channel crossing between Dover and Dunkerque (France).

Norfolkline has the newest fleet ferry fleet on the cross channel route. All Norfolk Line ferries are espacially designed for motorists. Footpassengers and coach parties are not allowed on this crossing. All vessels are spacious, light and modern with a unique environment. On board you will find bars, restaurants and fantastic shopping facilities. The shop offers you a wide range of wines, tobacco, famous fragrances and other quality items. Enjoy in the elegant surroundings of the restaurants and bars fabulous food and drinks. All Norfolk Line ferries have been designed with safety in mind, so all the children's play areas are equipped with the highest quality furnishings suitable for young children.

The Dover to Dunkerque cross channel service operates up to 22 daily crossings with a journey time of 1 hour 45 minutes. Book your Norfolkline Ferry online today with Any

In addition to their passenger services the ferry operator Norfolk Line also offers freight services. The freight decks are completely seperate from the passenger decks.

About Norfolkline Ferry

Norfolkline runs up to 22 sailings a day between Dover and Dunkirk, and in 2004 Norfolkline won the Best European Crossing Operator category, in the Daily and Sunday Telegraph Travel Awards. Norfolk Line were also voted as the leading cross-channel operator in 2004 by the readers of The Guardian and The Observer.

Norfolkline's new fleet of three purpose-built vessels - the result of a multi-million pound investment, heralded a new dawn in cross channel ferry travel. The state-of-the-art, Scandinavian designed vessels have been built with one purpose in mind - to provide a superior service across the channel.

Dunkerque is less than 2 hours from Dover with direct links to the A16 and A25 motorways which makes it more convenient than Calais for many French destinations. It is also better situated for Belgium and Holland as well as providing shorter drive times to Germany, Switzerland and beyond. Norfolkline is the only ferry company sailing to Dunkerque so there is less congestion and traffic in the port. Book a Norfolk Line Ferry.

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