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Moby Lines is an Italian ferry operator operating a ferry service to and from the islands Sardinia, Corsica and Elba in the Upper Tirrenian Sea. On all Moby Lines ferries you'll enjoy relaxation and recreation in pleasant surroundings with a cordial atmosphere. On all Fast Cruise Ferries there is a special deck reserved for entertainment and relaxation, including shopping centre, large-screen television, big children's area Happy Moby, a show lounge with 800 places reaching over three decks, pool, children's pool and sundeck. All ferries are also equipped with air conditioning, heating and stabilizers. Book Moby Lines Ferries online with Any

Moby Lines Ferries run ferry services between Elba, Corsica, Sardinia and Italy. Moby Lines Ferries offer you a choice of 9 ferry routes, including ferries from Bastia to Genoa and Livorno, from Bonifacio to Santa Teresa, from Civitavecchia to Olbia, from Genoa to Olbia and Porto Torres, from Livorno to Olbia, from Piombino to Olbia and Portoferraio. Book Moby Lines Ferries with Any

You can now book the NEW 'Camping Onboard' service online with, with great value for money fares available now on select Olbia routes. The camping onboard service is only valid for passengers travelling with a motorhome.

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About Moby Lines Ferries

Moby Lines Ferries offer their passengers, every day, in every season a style of navigation guaranteed by 130 years of tradition and experience within the ferry industry

Moby Lines Ferries seeks to consolidate its position as established leader in the field of maritime transport to and from the islands of the Upper Tirrenian Sea, as well as introducing its brandname on new routes and into new markets.

Moby Lines Ferries aims to ensure thorough client satisfaction through its team of qualified managers and personnel: a young, highly motivated group, with deep sensitivity to evolving market demand.

On all of their ferries there is an area completely devoted to and designed especially for your children's playtime. There is a playroom for tots, just bursting with toys and playthings, as well as a snack bar, a pizzeria, a maxiscreen, videogames and music for teens.

Although cabins can be different for each ferry, most of them are situated on the upper deck and have 2 or 4 beds.

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