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Getting to the Ports by bus:

From M�laga Airport

Take a taxi or bus to the "Estaci�n de Autobuses de Malaga" Paseo de los Tilos s/n 29006 M�laga Tel. 952 35 00 61.

You can travel with the company "Corporaci�n espa�ola de transporte S.A." or with the company "Portillo" Tel. 902 14 31 44.

You will find direct buses with only one stop in Marbella and they take approx. 2.00h. None-direct stops in various places along the coast and take approx. 3.30h.

You can also take a taxi or bus to "Estaci�n de Autobuses de Torremolinos" and continue with bus from there.

From Marbella

"Estaci�n de Autobuses" Tel. 952 76 44 00 Company "Portillo" Several departures a day towards Tarifa. Duration approx. 1.15h.

From Algeciras

The company "Transportes Comes" has several departures a day. Duration approx. 20 min. You can inform yourself at the "Estaci�n de Autobuses Tarifa" or Algeciras. Tel. 956 68 40 38.

From Seville - Jerez de la Frontera - C�diz

The company "Transportes Comes" has several departures a day. Duration from Seville is approx. 3.00h. It stops in Chiclana and la Barca de Vejer on the way. Duration from C�diz is approx. 2.00h with several stops along the way. Duration from Jerez de la Frontera is approx. 2.30-3.00h.


In Tarifa the car can be left during the day at the parking in the port area. The parking is not guarded but free. Next to the port, left and right there you will find other parking. Free but not guarded. You can also park you car in front of the port on the main street, but here you will have to pay a fee. In Algeciras you will find two parking within the port area. One is just in front of the maritime station. It is open air, free for the first hour and charged on hourly basis. The second is to the right of the maritime station. It is a regular parking house with fees to be paid. Both are under surveillance and recommendable.

It is also possible to park outside the port area or in another parking area belonging to the port at the left of the terminals. Latter is under surveillance.

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