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Book a Torshaven Ferry ticket for your ferry crossing from the port of Torshavn in Faroe Islands to the port of Bergen, Hanstholm, Lerwick, Seysdisfjordur with the ferry operator Smyril Line ferries. Book a ferry from the port of Torshavn online.
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About Torshaven Ferry

Torshavn is the diminutive capital of the Faroe Islands. Belonging to a nation which earns its living from the sea, it is only natural that the city's harbour should dominate multi-coloured Torshavn and be its outlet to the world. Torshavn's advantageous position in the North Atlantic, midway between Norway, Iceland and the UK, makes the ferry port the ideal place for stopovers between the Shetland Islands and Iceland or Norway. Torshavn also offers first class shopping facilities, which are tax-free for tourists. The nearest tourist information office is located 400 metres from the port and there is also one in the town centre. A bank is available within a five-minute walk of the port, while public telephones are available in the terminal, 400 metres from the ship. A selection of shops is in the town centre, five-minutes walk away, with several hotels, restaurants and snack bars within walking distance. The Faroe islands have a good network of roads, with tunnels passing through mountains and connecting some of the islands. The public transport is reliable, while ferries connect the island to Iceland, Denmark, the Shetland Islands and Norway. A large road network of well-maintained roads connects the Faroe Islands. There are no motorways or highways but all main roads and most other roads are dual carriageway. Public transport is well organised in the Faroe Islands. The Transport Network consists of interconnecting buses and ferries plus a helicopter service. The blue coloured buses connect most towns and villages on Streymoy, Eysturoy, Vidoy, Bordoy, Kunoy, Kalsoy, Sandoy, Suduroy and Vagoy with frequent services. Taxis can be ordered at any time to be available on the port at ferries arivals. Buses are linked to scheduled arrival and departure flights and drive onto the ferry. The trip to the capital, Torshavn, takes 1 hour 40 minutes by bus and ferry and twelve minutes by helicopter.

Torshavn Ferry Port Terminal Facilities:
Facilities for the disabled include dedicated cabins in the ferries, as well as wheelchair access to the main areas of the ships. However, passengers are advised to inform staff of any special needs, when making their reservation. Car parking is located at the Torshavn port terminal with long-term parking available.

Ferry Routes from Torshavn ferry port to Iceland, Norway and the rest of the Faroe Islands
Torshavn - Bergen, operated by Smyril Line ferries.
Torshavn - Hanstholm, operated by Smyril Line ferries.
Torshavn - Lerwick, operated by Smyril Line ferries.
Torshavn - Seysdisfjordur, operated by Smyril Line ferries.

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