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Although the Estonian civilization is very old, the region has seldom existed as an independent state. Throughout Tallinn's tumultuous past, the city has changed hands many times - from the original Estonians, to the Danes, the Hanseatic League, the Teutonic Knights, the Swedes, the Russians, and the Germans. A succession of conquerors left their marks on Tallin city; they constructed fortresses, cathedrals, and warehouses to serve their interests in Estonia. Today visitors can wander through Tallinn, and trace the history of the entire Baltic Sea region.

The Ferry Port of Tallinn is the biggest cargo and passenger port in Estonia. It holds a leading position in the handling of cargo flows between Russia and Western Europe. In 2002 the Port of Tallinn became the leading port in the three Baltic countries in terms of cargo volumes (37,9 million tons). There are frequent cargo ferries to Antwerp, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Kiel and Harwich. Cargo is dominated by oil, oil products and timber, much of it in transit from Russia. Most cargo arrives at Tallinn port via the privatised freight railway EVR. The port of Tallinn served 5,9 million passengers in 2002. A total of 3.566 freighters, 7.090 passenger boats and 165 cruise ships called in the company's ports in 2002. The Port of Tallinn consists of four constituent harbours with total port territory 520 ha and ports aquatory 907 ha.

The Old City Harbour, situated at the gate of the medieval old town, has become one of the most recognised and visited passengers ferry ports of the Baltic Sea. It is an excellent harbour for both passenger ferries and cruise ships, and during summer also for fast speed vessels. There are daily ferries from Tallinn to Helsinki and Stockholm. In summer season also Helsinki to Tallinn and Rostock route. Several passenger ferry operators perform regular passenger traffic in the Old City Harbour.

With a total of 54,2 ha of territory and 75,9 ha aquatory the Old City Harbour was visited by 165 cruise ships in 2002. The port's development as a new cruise wharf in the Old City Harbour to be promotes a cruise tourism destination completed 2003

Tallinn is just 50 miles from Helsinki and ferries regularly plough the route between the two capital cities. As a result Tallinn has become a popular day trip for Finns who find that their money goes considerably further than it does back at home. Daily ferries also depart from Stockholm and there are seasonal services from Rostock and St Petersburg. Tallinn's popularity as a maritime destination is borne out by some impressive statistics. In fact, today the Tallinn port handles more than six million passengers each year; making one of the busiest ports in the Baltic. Besides ferries and cruise ships the port (or more precisely collection of four harbours) also acts as a mooring for private sailing vessels.

Viking Line has two round-trip sailings between Helsinki to Tallinn, one during the day and one night sailing. The journey is 3 hours long aboard the Rosella, with one departure leaving Tallinn at 16:45 and the other at 8:15, arriving in Helsinki at 19:45 and 11:15 respectively. The Rosella's arrival and departure in Tallinn is from terminal A and for car passengers, beside terminal C.

All ferries provide facilities for those with disabilities, with good wheelchair access onboard. The terminal is also suitable for those in wheelchairs, with disabled toilets provided. Assistance in boarding is provided by the ferry companies, passengers should inform staff of special needs when making their ferry reservation.

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